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The Town Clerk’s Office is the center for public records and the Town Clerk is the official Record Keeper for the Town of Marlborough. The Town Clerk serves as the clerk for Town Meetings. She is responsible for the upkeep of land records, vital statistics, elections, minutes of the numerous Boards and Commissions, maps and various licenses and maintains the Town Ordinances. The Town Clerk also maintains the vault and is keeper of the Town Seal. The Town Clerk’s Office issues various licenses and the deadline for some of these should be noted.


BIRTH CERTIFICATES: Birth Certificates are available for anyone born in Marlborough or whose mother resided in Marlborough at the time of the birth.
You must be 18 years of age to request a certified copy of your birth certificate. A photo ID should be presented. Copies of birth certificates may be requested for yourself, your child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or spouse. If request is by mail you must include a photo ID. The cost of a certified copy of a birth certificate is $20.

Birth Certificate Request 

MARRIAGE LICENSE: Marriage licenses must be obtained from the Town in which you plan to be married in. Both parties must appear before the Town Clerk to make application for the license. Couples should bring a current driver’s license, and need to know both of their parent’s places of birth and their mother’s maiden
name. The fee for a marriage license is $50. A certified copy of a marriage license is $20. Certified copies will be available in town of occurrence and the town of residence.

Marriage License Worksheet

Marriage License Request Form

DEATH CERTIFICATE: Death certificates are filed in the tow of occurrence and the town of the deceased persons domicile. The fee for a certified copy of a Death Certificate is $20. If the deceased individual was a veteran a free copy may be issued.

Request for copy of Certified Death Certificate.

Veterans Discharges must be filed with the Town Clerk’s Office by September 30th to qualify for a tax exemption for real or personal property. An original or certified copy of your DD214 (separation papers) certificate should be submitted to the Town Clerk for recording.

All dogs in the State of Connecticut require current rabies vaccinations and must be licensed. You can in to license your dog in person or you can license them by mail.
New puppies must be licensed within 30 days of turning 6 months old. All new dogs must be licensed within 30 days of obtaining them.

All dog license renewals are done in the month of June and become effective July 1.
If your rabies vaccination has expired since the last time the dog has been renewed you must bring proof of vaccination. No license can be issued unless the dog is up to date on their rabies vaccination. If dog has been spayed or neutered we must also have proof. The cost of licenses are as follows:

Unaltered dog: $19.00
Spayed or neutered dog: $8.00
Late fee: $1.00 per month
Transfer fee: $1.00 (from another town licensed)
Lost Tag Fee: $.50
Kennel Tag: $51.00 (Ten tags)

Any person conducting a business under a designation other than his own name must file a Trade Name Certificate. The forms are available in the Town Clerk’s Office and the filing fee is $10.00.

Trade Name Certificate

Liquor permits must be filed in the town Clerk’s Office. The fee for filing a Liquor
Permit is $20.00.

Applications to become a Notary Public are available in the Town Clerk’s Office or the Secretary of the States Office. Upon receipt of a Notary Public’s commission.

We also offer Notary Signature Service for a fee of $5.00 for up to three signatures. If you have more than three, the charge is $10.00.

Request for Vendor Permit

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