What is the Mill Rate? 2021 Grand List Mill Rate 35.55

What is the Census Tract? 5241
What percentage of my home's value are taxes based on? 70% of the 10-1-2015 revaluation fair market value
How much is the veteran's exemption worth? $3,000 in assessment or $102.45


When was the last revaluation? 2020 - Update/Statistical
When is the next revaluation? 2016-full physical home inspection and yard walk
Are unregistered Motor Vehicles Taxed? Yes, as personal property. All motor vehicles are taxed.
How is my motor vehicle value determined? 100% average retail value from NADA, without mileage or condition taken into consideration.
When does the Board of Assessment Appeals meet?  
  • Real Estate, Personal Property, and Supplemental Motor Vehicle
March - RE, PP and SMV ONLY
  • Regular Motor Vehicle
September - Regular Motor Vehicle
What happens when I sell my vehicle? Click Here
Is my property information online? Yes, http://gis.vgsi.com/marlboroughct/
What type of Property Exemptions does the Town of Marlborough have? Click Here
Do you have an unregistered vehicle? Click Here
Do you own a business? Type of Business Form

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