Marlborough – A Bright and Promising Future

As Marlborough embraces controlled growth and expansion, our town leaders are working toward a vision shared by both residents and business owners.  Investment in the sewer system is critical to support the needs of our residents, the school, the future plans of our town, and the beauty and longevity of our town’s gem – Lake Terramuggus.  We are fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated town planner who understands and supports the need to grow while maintaining the essence and look of our cherished town.  Creating and implementing the plan is an investment in the future of Marlborough and all those who live and work here.

Developing a Business Park

The Town of Marlborough has acquired close to 70 acres of land behind the Commons, with access to a full interchange off of Route 2, for the purpose of developing a Business Park.  This project was conceived out of a desire to expand Marlborough’s commercial sector in order to better balance the economic base in our community.  It is the vision of the town leaders and the Economic Development Commission to fill the Business Park with small businesses committed to Marlborough, including home-based businesses looking to expand to office space.  Zoning will assure that the new buildings are consistent with the character of the town. 

Expansion of the Town Center

Plans are in motion to expand and beautify the town center, giving Marlborough a distinct “New England center” area that is charming and accessible. The current vision is to create a pedestrian-friendly Village Center with three miles of sidewalks, allowing residents and visitors to stroll leisurely through the center of town as they shop, run errands, and visit local businesses. The sidewalks will also connect to the School, Senior Center, Library, and Blish Park. The expansion plan also includes the development of a Town Green with landscaping, benches, a gazebo, and lighting. In this attractive space, Marlborough can hold ceremonies and events, such as art fairs, concerts, and other cultural festivities. It is our hope that this newly improved town center will become the historic, commercial, and cultural hub of Marlborough.



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Marlborough needs volunteer  Board and Commission members to help local government make the important decisions that will determine our quality of life. If you’re interested in contributing your service and talent to our community, please consider applying to serve as a local board or commission member!


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