October 3,2019
Blackledge Field


The cool wet spring and the first half of summer allowed the grass playing fields in Marlborough to come in thick and healthy. After a dry spell in early August, however, the Town became aware of a problem with the irrigation system at Blackledge Field (next to Firehouse #2), where kids aged 10 and under play soccer.

DPW did extensive work to repair the system, replacing the sprinkler heads and working on the pump, but failed to resolve the issue. Electricians were then brought in to inspect the electrical controls that operate both the Blackledge Soccer Field irrigation system and the tanker fill system for the Fire Department apparatuses housed at Station #2. The electricians concluded that the electrical equipment and controls, which were installed in 1992 and are housed below grade in a concrete vault, needed to be replaced.

On September 18th, the Town Engineer was on-site to inspect and evaluate the current control set-up and water supply valves which are located in a vault below grade. The Town Engineer’s inspection confirmed the electrician’s recommendation that a new above-ground electrical control system needs to be constructed, and the existing piping and valves in the current vault need to be replaced. The Town Engineer’s proposal for Project Engineering Services to replace the 27-year old electrical box and controls is $43,160. Please note: The cost of construction is not included in this proposal.

The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to request a transfer from the General Government Reserves to the Capital Projects account to get the ball rolling on the design and bid process, and the issue will be on the agenda for the next Board of Finance meeting on Wednesday, October 9th at 7:00pm in the MES Media Center.

I encourage interested residents to attend this meeting to gain a better understanding of the scope, financing and timing of this important and needed capital upgrade to service the irrigation needs of Blackledge Field and the needs of Fire House #2.

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