Dead Tree

September 27, 2019  An update on the removal of dead trees:

Our Tree Warden has been coordinating with Eversource, the State DOT and with private contractors to identify, mark and take down as many dead trees as possible, as quickly as possible. However, due to the unprecedented number of trees that have been affected - especially in eastern CT - the removal of the affected trees will likely take several years. There simply are not enough crews or hours in the day to get to them all as quickly as we’d like.
Several people have commented to me and posted about the trees that need to be taken down, notably on Parker Road and on South Main (near Florence Lord Senior Housing). Please know that those trees must be removed by Eversource, due to their proximity to the power lines. Eversource was notified in January, and again when the trees leafed out in the spring. We recently contacted them again, but were told that the crews that cut the trees are fully booked out on primary routes until after the new year, but they will be in as soon as they can.
We continue to coordinate with the State as well. The DOT is responsible for taking down the trees along state roads (Rt. 66) and on state owned properties.
The Town has been also been removing the trees in the Town’s rights of way that were killed by the gypsy moths, emerald ash borer and the drought conditions from two years ago. We’re working with contractors as often as we can get them, and are prioritizing the trees considered to be most dangerous.
Homeowners are responsible for removing any dead trees from their own properties. If there is a question of whose property the tree is on, please call DPW at (860)295-6229 to arrange an inspection by the tree warden.
Please be patient - these dedicated crews are working as fast as they can!


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