What Does the Registrar of Voters Do?

The functions of Registrars of Voters Office are governed by the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut. Registrars of Voters are sworn elected officials and serve four-year terms. Responsibilities and duties are administered jointly by a Republican and Democratic Registrar. The Registrars of Voters are responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating voter registration information including changes of address, name or party affiliation, adding new voters and removing voters who are deceased or who no longer reside in town.
  • Training election workers according to state statute. Each poll worker must be trained before every election or primary. Preparing worker informational notebooks and mandated returns and forms.
  • Preparing election equipment and tabulators and order ballots for each election or primary.
  • Conducting an annual canvass, January through May of voters who may have moved within town, out of town or out of state.
  • Implementing new election laws as adopted by Connecticut State Legislature.
  • Conducting High School voter registration sessions.
  • Attending Registrars of Voters Association conferences and county meetings. Training is held by staff of the Secretary of the State, State Elections Enforcement as well as other state agencies and ROVAC committee members.
  • It is the mission of the Registrar of Voters to protect and promote public trust and confidence by conducting accurate and fair elections. The Registrar is responsible for the integrity of this process.  The role demands that these principles must be placed over personal or partisan gain.  The task requires wisdom, courage and the desire to remain focused on a vision of free and impartial elections despite changes in society and its laws.