Local Businesses & Services Directory

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) and Sustainable CT Team are pleased to announce that Marlborough's  LOCAL BUSINESS & SERVICE DIRECTORY is live! 

The Directory offers a diverse range of over 200 local businesses and organizations that serve our community - everything from shopping, retail and restaurants to programs, events and activities, from home and garden, to health and personal care, and much more. Supporting independent and locally owned businesses and services produces a host of benefits: your money goes back into the community, creating a stable and diverse local economy.  Local businesses create local jobs, expand our municipal tax base, and build a stronger sense of community.

If your business is listed here, please keep us updated as to any changes or inaccuracies.  If we left you off the list in error, we apologize and ask that you notify us so we can include you in the next revision.  We will update this list twice a year.  Thanks!  
Contact: edc@marlboroughct.net

Full Directory Printout

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