The Board of Selectmen(BOS)is the legislative body for the Town of Marlborough. The five (5) members of the Board of Selectmen (BOS) are elected to staggered 4-year terms and are responsible for supporting the Town Manager in the administration and management of the town's affairs. The BOS provides direction to the Town Manager on setting priorities and policies, assisting in developing the budgets and providing general oversight of the Town Manager. The key roles and responsibilities of the Board of Selectmen include:

Policy Making: The Board of Selectmen establishes policies and regulations for the town. They make decisions on various matters such as personnel, policies, finance (including budget and debt), infrastructure improvements, public works, and other local issues.

Budgeting and Financial Management: The board plays an important role in assisting the Town Manager in developing the town's operations and capital budget. Together, they review proposals, prioritize spending, and make recommendations to the Board of Finance before having it sent to the voters via referendum. The Board of Selectmen ensures that financial resources are allocated appropriately and in line with the town's priorities.

Town Administration: The board assists the Town Manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the town. They hire the Town Manager, and approve the hiring decision of other key employees and administrative staff. The Board of Selectmen may also assist with negotiating contracts, managing town facilities, and addressing personnel matters.

Representation and Advocacy: The members of the Board of Selectmen act as representatives of the town's residents. They advocate for the town's interests, interact with state and local officials, and communicate with community members on matters of concern or interest. Engagement with our federal and state delegates are an important responsibility.

Community Engagement: The board fosters community engagement and encourages public participation in local decision-making. They may hold public hearings, town meetings, or other forums to gather input from residents, address concerns, and keep the public informed about town affairs.

Interagency Collaboration: The Board of Selectmen often collaborates with other local, regional, and state agencies to coordinate services, address regional issues, seek and support grant applications, and ensure efficient delivery of services to the town's residents.

Agendas and Minutes

Town of Marlborough 2023 MS4 Annual Report

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Deb Bourbeau (U/D) 2025
Joe J. Asklar (R) 2027
Louise Concodello (R) 2027
John Rizza  (D) 2027
Betty O'Brien (D) 2025