Lake Advisory Commission

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Assist Town agencies with protecting, monitoring, and managing Lake Terramuggus through recommendations. Primary responsibilities include:
  • Educating town residents about best practices to minimize negative impacts on the lake (yard maintenance, invasive species, ordinance compliance, etc.). Achieved through the Lake Letter, local newspaper submissions, regular meetings, and special event participation/arrangement.
  • Functioning as a funnel for resident questions, complaints, and commentary to ensure proper Town staff is informed and involved.
  • Overseeing the water quality monitoring program and annual Lake Report.
  • Monitoring weed populations and growth/expansion trends. Overseeing weed treatment programs when warranted.
  • Stocking fish and conducting fish population counts.
  • Collaborating with Parks & Rec and other groups regarding recreational use of the lake.

Daniel C. Dupre (U) 2024
Joseph J. Asklar III (U) 2024
Louise Concodello (R) 2025
John Planeta (U) 2025
William Evans (D) 2024
Jane Rovero Boston (D) 2024
Anthony Bassilakis (R) 2025

Cheryl Morgan (D) 2024
Nancy Visco (D) 2026
Jason Valentine (U/R) 2026