Fire Commission

The five members of the Fire Commission are appointed to a staggered term by the Board of Selectmen, and play an important role in overseeing and providing guidance for the Marlborough Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD). The Fire Commission is the liaison between the Fire Department and the Board of Selectmen, and provide coordination and communication with the community.  Some of their responsibilities include:

  • The Fire Commission is responsible for the oversight and management of the local fire department. They establish policies, procedures, and standards to ensure effective fire protection services for the community.
  • The Fire Commission is also involved in the budgeting process for the fire department. They present the annual request for funding to the Town Manager, allocate funds for equipment, training, and operations, and review and approve expenditures throughout the year.
  • The Fire Commission is involved in matters related to the hiring, promotion, discipline, and termination of personnel within the fire department. Along with the Fire Chief, they establish and enforce personnel policies and participate in the recruitment and selection process.
  • The Commission assists in setting training requirements and standards for firefighters and ensures that the department maintains adequate training programs. They also evaluate the performance of the department and its personnel.
  • Recommendations from the Commission are required for the acquisition, maintenance, and replacement of firefighting equipment, gear, and facilities. They review requests for equipment, approve purchases, and makes sure the department has the necessary resources to carry out its duties.
  • Along with the members of the Fire Department, the Fire Commission engages in public education and outreach efforts to promote fire safety and prevention within the community.

Michael E. Schadtle (R) 2025
Alan Laliberte (U) 2024
Kevin Gentile (U) 2026
David Leblanc (R) 2026
Patrick Pabouet (R) 2026