Meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month except for December. There is only one meeting in December on the 2nd Tuesday.

Wendy Nichols, (R) Term Exp.11/17

Full Members
Brendon Montstream (U/R) Term Exp. 11/17

Eric Kelly (U/R) Term Exp. 11/19

vacancy,Republican Term Exp. 11/9/15

Mark Stankewicz, (R) Term Exp.11/13/2017

Alternate Member
Laurence Pryor (G/R) Term Exp. 11/19

Alternate Member
Vacancy Term 11/17
Alternate Member
Vacancy Term 11/19

The authority and purpose of the Planning Commission of the Town of Marlborough, as set forth in the Connecticut General Statutes, section 126 and in the Marlborough Subdivision Regulations, promotes efficient and coordinated development of the town.

It is the policy of the Marlborough Planning Commission to consider land subdivision part of the plan for orderly, efficient, and economical development of the Town as set forth in the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development and the comprehensive zoning plan of the Town of Marlborough.It is the policy of the Planning Commission to assure that:

  • Land used for building purposes is of such character that it poses no danger to health or to the public safety.
  • Proposed streets will be in harmony with existing streets or thoroughfares.
  • Proper provisions are made for water supply, storm drainage, sewage disposal and other necessary utilities.
  • Proper provisions are made to protect watercourses, wetlands and land prone to flooding.
  • Provisions will be made to protect soil from erosion and provide sediment control.
  • Considerations are made pertaining to energy conservation, house orientation, street layouts and other site design criteria.The Planning Commission is further entrusted with the task of open space preservation, to provide space for recreation, parks, playgrounds and land preservation.The members of the Planning Commission are elected to office. They volunteer their time for meetings; sites walks and participate in educational courses in order to further their knowledge of planning techniques and laws.